Salt String Quartet specialise in both wedding ceremony and reception performances.

For a wedding ceremony, music (of your choice) will generally be performed at the following moments:

  1. As guests arrive and mingle;
  2. During the processional of both the bridesmaids and the bride;
  3. During the signing of the register;
  4. During the recessional;
  5. As guests are leaving;
  6. If it's a ceremony held in a church, music can also be performed during the lighting of the candles, communion and other special moments.

For a reception performance, Salt String Quartet can perform as guests are arriving, enjoying canapes, and throughout dinner. Set timings will be tailored according to your run sheet and specifications.

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Finally, we are fortunate enough to be the String Quartet of choice for some of Sydney's most prestigious venues, and as such we would love to offer clients of the following venues a 10% discount:


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